Buying a wedding dress is often an important part of the wedding planning budget.

While some sentimental brides-to-be will keep their wedding dress for the rest of their lives in a nice cover in their dressing room, others do not want to keep their outfit any more than that and prefer to turn to alternatives to buying, such as wedding dress rental.It is often thought that second-hand and rental are synonymous with cheap clothes in poor condition. But today this is no longer the case at all! Renting your wedding dress or buying it second-hand does not mean “buying your dress at a discount because of manufacturing defects”. Most brands that offer their rental services build up their stocks with second-hand dresses, but also directly at designers or retail shops that offer their unsold, exhibition models, prototypes or other models from previous years. These models are therefore new and are sold at an unbeatable price. Additional argument: while it is sometimes complicated to find a dress that made your eye 2 seasons ago, it is then possible in second-hand or rental shops.Buying a wedding dress is expensive, it’s a fact, since it takes about 2500€ or more to be able to afford a designer dress. Let’s face it, every job deserves a salary and the price of a creation like this one is of course justified by the skills and mastery of the dressmakers who will design it. If some allow themselves to spend this amount for the dress of their dreams, for others, it is a cost far too important to give to a piece that they will wear only once in their life. Thanks to renting, the question no longer arises! Brides-to-be can indulge themselves by offering themselves the opportunity to wear a designer dress on their wedding day, paying less than if they had bought it directly from a boutique.You want to keep your wedding dress, and it’s perfectly understandable! But think about storage. If you live in a large house where you can store it easily, no worries. On the other hand, if you live in a small apartment, it can quickly take up space in cupboards that are already well stocked. Add to this the packaging of your dress, which, if it is not properly protected, will very quickly turn yellow and get dirty… Renting your dress is finally an opportunity to treat yourself on the D-day with a beautiful creation that will not clutter up once your wedding is over.

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