Latin America: the feast of fifteen years, dream flown due to pandemic

Montevideo (AFP) - After months, sometimes even years, of preparations, the coronavirus epidemic has swept away the dreams of millions of Latin American teenagers, deprived of their fifteenth birthday, a tradition of transition to adulthood still deeply rooted in the region.

While the Covid-19 pandemic is not weakening in Latin America, these young girls cannot hope to experience their "quinceañera" before 2021.For this long-awaited moment, a sort of "debutante ball" celebrated with family and with great fanfare.the occasion of their birthday, they are for one evening the queens of the party.

At least 6 million people have been infected with the coronavirus in Latin America and 242,000 have died from it despite numerous restrictive measures that have led to the cancellation of public events and family gatherings.

For the less fortunate young girls, the cancellation fell to a few days or even a few hours of the long-awaited party.

"I was not well because it happened the day before.But luckily, I was in college and my friends were there to support and console me," Argentina told AFP Mia Minutillo , who carefully unwraps the dress she was to wear that day and who, since mid-March, has been sleeping in her closet.

She puts on the chiffon dress, decorated with lace, and finds that it is a little loose, but she does not worry, she knows that there is time to take it back: the party has been postponed until March 20, 2021 .

Even if the teenager is aware that it is still "a forecast" in view of the total uncertainty on the organization of festive events to come.

Posted Date: 2021-01-14

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